Indoor Facilities

Assembly/Sports Hall

We have an excellent and spacious Sports Hall that is used for many events – such as Assemblies, Visitor presentations and PE classes. The Hall is also equipped with a desktop PC, projector and electric powered screen for presentations.

Lunch and Dinner Halls

The Hall is also used for pupils who bring a packed lunch to school. Next to the Lunch Hall is the Dinner Hall. The catering staff provide and serve school dinners for the pupils.


There is an E-Studio available for all classes – with almost 30 laptops available for pupils to become involved in using computers. We have become very involved with using iPads and Apple Software in our lessons – which is fantastic fun. This studio is also where the school’s Digital Leaders come to meet.

Classroom Facilities

All classrooms have access to two desktop computers, four iPads, a projector, an interactive whiteboard and Apple TV.

Mobile Libraries

Each classroom has a mobile library filled with books for pupils to read.

Resource Areas

There are three resource areas within the school building. These areas allow the pupils to become involved in educational activities without the confides of the classroom. Always supervised, these resouce areas are fully kitted out with educational games and activities for pupil use.

Multi-Purpose Room

The multi-purpose room is shared amongst the school community and is available for pupil one-on-one sessions and musical tuition.

Repographics Area

Repographics Area