Internet Safety

We understand the importance of internet safety here in St. Ronan’s Primary School. In an age in which technology has become such a central feature in society, it is vital that pupils are kept secure as they take advantage of the fantastic resource that is the internet. Our connections to C2K and iTeach ensure that our pupils are always secure when they are active online within the school community.

The Parents Association recently organised an “Internet Safety Evening” for the parents of the St. Ronan’s Primary School pupils. There was a fantastic turnout and support for the evening. Parents were informed both about the positives and negatives surrounding being active online. The evening was a great success and we have had fantastic feedback from parents who attended the evening.

[quote] ‘Very timely while my child is young. I learned so much.’ – Parent[/quote]

Parents Association’s Internet Safety Evening

Here are a few great websites to help you keep up-to-date with staying safe while online.