Letters & Notices

Parent Notices for the School Year 2016/17
IMPORTANT: If you need any further details concerning any information in these notices, please do not hesitate to contact the school. If there are any changes, we seek to update the website ASAP.

Sl NoDate PublishedSubjectLink
1June 26, 2017End of Year InformationDownload
2June 6, 2017Library ReadathonDownload
3June 3, 2017Monthly Note: June 2017Download
4May 23, 2017Dinner Menu: June 2017Download
5May 23, 2017PPTC Entrance Assessment Registration Form 2017-18Download
6May 23, 2017PPTC Registration Pack List & Timetable 2017-18Download
7May 23, 2017Free School Meals – Uniform Application FormDownload
8May 23, 2017Budget Cuts LetterDownload
9May 8, 2017Dinner Menu: May 2017Download
10May 8, 2017Monthly Note: May 2017Download
11April 11, 2017Dinner Menu: AprilDownload
12February 7, 2017Dinner Menu: February 2017Download
13January 25, 2017Survey Letter to Parents Jan 2017Download
14January 12, 2017Dinner Menu: January 2017Download
15January 12, 2017Information on INTO Union Strike on 18th Jan 2017Download
16January 12, 2017St. Ronan’s Breakfast Club FlyerDownload
17December 20, 2016December/January Parent UpdateDownload
18November 10, 2016Dinner Menu: December 2016Download
19November 10, 2016Enrolment 2017 PosterDownload
20October 25, 2016Dinner Menu: November 2016Download
21October 25, 2016School Christmas Cards: Design GuidanceDownload
22October 18, 2016Do this in Memory Dates 2016-17Download
23September 29, 2016Dinner Menu: October 2016Download
24September 29, 2016Parents’ Association note to Primary 1 ParentsDownload
25September 26, 2016Physical Education Timetable Term 1Download
26September 23, 2016Parent Note: St. Ronan’s is moving onlineDownload